Hot photo: fans took their breath away at the sight of pregnant Lisa Arzamasova

26-year-old actress blossomed after the wedding with Ilya Averbukh

Pregnant Liza Arzamasova never ceases to delight her fans. The young wife of Ilya Averbukh starred in a bold photo shoot, the result of which she shared on the blog.

Liza Arzamasova appeared in the role of the fatal seductress. The pregnant actress dressed up in a daring mini and showed a deep neckline. Hot and bold photos are impossible to take your eyes off.

The bold shots were to the taste of the subscribers of the star of the series “Daddy’s Daughters”. “Like from old Hollywood!”, “Sexy!”, “Wow fire”, “Who would have thought that that girl with pigtails from“ Daddy’s Daughters ”would blossom into a beautiful, such a pure-hearted woman”, “There are no words. Some delights “,” What a feminine and very beautiful you are “, – write the fans.

By the way, few people know, but Lisa is very talented. The 26-year-old actress records songs, puts on performances, voices cartoons. “I go on tour with two entreprise performances, released the premiere of a large performance at the Gorky Moscow Art Theater” The Nuremberg Waltz “, I am actively rehearsing a new performance at the” Theater of Nations “based on Dostoevsky’s” Winter Notes “, – shared Arzamasova . – My author’s performance “Emergency” was canceled due to quarantine. It was with this performance that I wanted to celebrate my 25th anniversary. Friends laughed that at the same time we can celebrate the “20th anniversary of creative activity”, because for the first time I went to the set when I was almost five, ”the artist shared.

She met her future husband Ilya Averbukh in 2010. She was only 15 years old. Lisa took part in an ice show. “This project has become a real fairy tale for me! I still enjoy ice skating and am grateful to Ilya Averbukh not only for the project, but also for the fact that after there were two more ice fairy tales, in which I took part, ”said the star.

Photo: Global look press