He himself weighs 105 kg, and lifts 205: in Teriberka, a Russian became the strongest man on the planet

Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to invite Arnold Schwarzenegger to the next Power Extreme World Cup

  • You know, we performed at +50 in the Emirates, and at -20 in Lapland, the weather is not terrible for us, – said the athletes before the trip to Teriberka, where on June 5 the first World Cup in power extreme took place in the Arctic Circle.

The Heavenly Chancellery, it seems, overheard this conversation, and decided that it would not warm up the strongmen. Overboard it was +5, the tundra was covered with fog, and the sky was dangerously frowning over the Barents Sea. And despite all this, the audience defended all seven hours, that the competition was going on, and the athletes were so warmed up that they walked with a naked torso. Although they admitted that because of the cold weather, you have to warm up longer so as not to injure your muscles.

“The sport itself is very young, earlier the competitions were held as a beautiful spectacular show, the organizers themselves set the rules,” Svetlana Naumova, the Minister of Sports of the region , introduces . – And on January 25 this year, power extreme officially appeared in the all-Russian list of sports, an all-Russian federation was created, work began in the regions to hold official sports events.

The place for the first Power Extreme World Cup in Russia was not chosen by chance. Murmansk resident Leon Miroshnik, who set the collective world record for towing the barque “Sedov”, and entrepreneur Roman Moliboga decided that Teriberka is not called a place of power for nothing, and it is here that you can choose the main hero of the planet. The Russian Federation of violent extreme has supported the northerners, as well as strongmen from other countries. Therefore, last Saturday at the end of the world, 13 athletes from Russia, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland, the USA, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan were ready to fight for victory.

There are five strongmen from our country: Leon Miroshnik, Evgeny Kazakov (someone knows him as a participant in “House-2”, we – as a participant in the record for “Sedov”), Evgeny Gavrilenko, Artem Tarasov, David Shamey. By the way, David turned out to be the youngest participant – he is 24 years old. And here is the most experienced – 45-year-old Johnny Vaszizko from the USA. At the competitions he was nicknamed Johnny WildWest (“Wild West”): his last name was painfully complicated. And another American, Nicholas Cumby, was nicknamed Clark Kent behind his back – he was very much like Superman with both steel muscles and a forelock.