“Golden Domes” and shocked the friends of the murdered chansonnier

Elena Vaenga recently appeared in an unusual way. Having glued on herself a beard and mustache, putting on a monastic robe, the singer sang the hit of Mikhail Krug “Golden Domes”. But the friends of the chansonnier who was killed in 2002 did not appreciate the artist’s emotional impulse, as did the viewers, by the way. The third day, the audience is discussing the performance of the star.

Elena Vaenga takes part in the program “Three Chords” on Channel One. In the sixth season of the show, she sang the song of the murdered Mikhail Krug “Golden Domes”. This greatly angered Vika Tsyganova and her husband, the author of the words of the composition, Vadim Tsyganov.

” The legendary penitential song of Mikhail Krug on the verses of Vadim Tsyganov … On the air of the show” Three chords “on Channel One, the song” Golden Domes “appeared in another version, which puzzled us all … Questions arise about the moral and legal purity of this version Nobody has coordinated it with the authors and performers, ” Vika wrote in her blog .

In turn, her husband Vadim is outraged to the core. “I am categorically opposed to the folk song of repentance” Golden Domes “performed by such characters as Morgenstern , Vaenga and Conchita Wurst. Everything that we saw is a simple hype and an insult to the feelings of believers. The song is not about what Vaenga is about has been singing for three years now, earning money from it without permission, “Tsyganov said.

He stated that the song belongs to him. “To do such things as a woman, sticking on a beard, to perform this penitential song in the image of a monk is blasphemy ,” added the author of the hit text.