German politician urged to leave the party for ridiculing Neuer’s LGBT armband

He walked around the national team pretty well, but soon deleted the tweet.

Neuer can go to the match against Hungary with an armband painted in rainbow colors. Photo: Global Press Look

Uwe Junge, a member of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, has spoken out sharply about supporting LGBT people in football. Previously, there was a proposal highlight Allianz Arena in the colors of the rainbow flag before the match between the national teams of Germany and Hungary.

“Munich stadium should shine with the colors of the rainbow during the game with Hungary, and Neuer will wear a *** [homosexual] armband instead of our national colors. All that remains is to kneel down and you will lose even more fans, ”Junge wrote on his Twitter page.

After some time, the post was deleted, and instead a “tweet” appeared with a more restrained thought.

“I deleted the captain’s armband tweet. For the term “*** [homosexual] bandage” I apologize. In terms of content, I am sticking to the fact that such statements have nothing to do with the national team jersey. Our colors are black, red and gold ”, -explained his position as a politician.

The party where the official works reacted violently to the statement. Leader of the organization Alice Weidel called on Uwe leave the party because he “went too far” with his remark about the national team.

On June 15, the Hungarian parliament passed a law prohibiting the exchange of information deemed to be propaganda of homosexuality or non-binary gender identity among people under the age of 18. That is why the German authorities decided to support the LGBT community.

Group F meeting between Germany and Hungary will take place on June 23 at 22:00 Moscow time