Famous doctor dispelled myths about safe tanning : Carrot diet and clouds won’t save skin

Vacation season has arrived, and thousands of holidaymakers flocked to the beaches

To sunbathe or not to sunbathe – doctors and scientists still break their spears in answer to this question. On the one hand, under the influence of the sun, we obtain vitamin D, which is so necessary for the strength of the immune system (and much more). The skin becomes a pleasant golden hue. On the other hand, cosmetologists literally scream: the sun’s rays are aging prematurely! Also, ultraviolet light from the sun’s rays can cause the development of skin cancer.

In general, whether to go to the beach in a bikini or hide under an umbrella, everyone decides for himself. But at the same time, it would be good to know reliable medical arguments, and not be captivated by delusions. So, which of the claims about safe tanning are nothing more than a myth? This was discussed in the program of the famous doctor, TV presenter Elena Malysheva “Life is great!” on Channel One.

Let’s see which of the statements turned out to be false.

  • When going to sunbathe for the first time, be sure to use a self-tanner. Firstly, you will not immediately look pale in a swimsuit. Secondly, this product will protect you from the risk of getting burned.

The program experts called this statement a myth. The fact is that self-tanning does not cover the skin with a tan, it only paints it. That is, it is a purely cosmetic effect. And it protects against the risk of sunburn (sunscreen). Only Sanskrins have physical or chemical filters that prevent ultraviolet light from damaging our skin.

  • In cloudy or cloudy weather – the safest tanning. After all, clouds trap ultraviolet light, so you can not be afraid to get burned.

Three haha! This is a delusion, as many vacationers have already understood, who decided that in comfortable cool weather you can be in the fresh air as much as you like – the sun is almost invisible because of the clouds!

Of course, some part of the ultraviolet radiation is delayed by the clouds. But all the same, it comes to the ground enough to get burned. For example, if there are white light clouds in the sky, 90 percent of the sun’s rays overcome them. Through clouds, gray and black, 30 – 35% of solar radiation passes. In general, you will not notice how you burn yourself. Use Sanskrin whenever you go outside during the day, no matter what weather is promised.

  • If you arrange a carrot diet for yourself before vacation, your tan will lie especially beautifully and deeply thanks to the beta-carotene contained in the root vegetable.

This is a substitution of concepts! If you eat a lot of carrots (about 10 per day) or drink carrot juice, your skin will lose its pale appearance. But it will not tan, but will turn yellowish. And this coloring will not prepare you for tanning.

  • Tanning in a good tanning bed is safer than uncontrolled sun tanning.

We sunbathe in a solarium or in the sun thanks to the same principle: under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, the melanocyte cells begin to produce the hormone melanin, which causes the skin to acquire different shades of brown. The same mechanism affects our genetic material, DNA, causing breakdowns in it, which can lead to the development of cancer. From this point of view, it does not matter where you sunbathe – on the beach or in the salon. The risk of oncology is everywhere.