Every fifth entrepreneur will receive support

SME Corporation presented a new development strategy

The main goal that the SME Corporation sets itself according to its long-term development program will be to support as many entrepreneurs as possible. “Every fifth entrepreneur should receive our help by 2025,” said Alexander Isaevich, General Director of the SME Corporation. – We are talking about both financial and non-financial support measures. At the same time, we will try to convey information on the entire range of measures in a simple and understandable language, accessible to everyone. “

Credit umbrella

As part of the preparation of the strategy, more than 30 thousand entrepreneurs were interviewed. A large demand from businesses is related to obtaining loans without collateral. The limited funding, often all assets are already in business, does not allow development to the proper extent. And this, among other things, prevents the creation of new jobs.

“Taking the risk of becoming an entrepreneur is difficult. Every year we have about a million new enterprises that need help to develop. It is necessary to build a comfortable relationship with the state, not burdensome for small businesses, ”said First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov at the presentation of the strategy.

To solve this problem, the Corporation has developed an umbrella mechanism for securing loans. Guarantee support will now be built directly into the loan product of banks and will not require sending an additional package of documents to the Corporation and waiting for a decision to issue a guarantee. This simplification of the procedure will significantly reduce the term for issuing a loan for an entrepreneur.

The innovation will significantly expand the coverage of recipients and the amount of guarantee support within the framework of the national project. Already this year, if the umbrella mechanism is successfully implemented, the volume of loans secured by guarantee support may amount to 40 billion rubles.

The state corporation VEB.RF is also ready to provide a serious leverage to small and medium-sized businesses, in the management perimeter of which the SME Corporation is being integrated. At the presentation of the strategy, VEB.RF Chairman Igor Shuvalov spoke about a joint project with the Government to issue guarantees for small and medium-sized businesses.

“The crisis situation is already ending, but it is still difficult, of course. And we are now proposing new measures, including the use of surety mechanisms. We launched the first project together with the government for 132 billion rubles. I hope it will be in demand. The strategy that today is a restart of the whole attitude towards small and medium-sized businesses, ”said Shuvalov.

In addition, the SME Corporation will introduce alternative instruments for attracting financing, such as crowdinvesting and factoring; SME Bank will continue to work on projects in this direction, which is reflected in the development strategy of the SME Corporation. In particular, it is planned to expand the functionality of the bank’s AIS NGS system, on the basis of which remote provision of credit and guarantee support of the bank is currently being implemented, as well as access to the Open Factoring Platform. Until 2025, the functionality of this system will be expanded for other financial institutions (lending within the framework of uniform standards with the subsequent securitization of provided loans), as well as regional guarantee organizations. A technology transfer is planned for participants in financial and non-financial support for SMEs. Moreover,

The impact of all support measures should positively affect the increase in employment – it is planned that up to 420 thousand new jobs will be created.

Not the same finances
As part of the feedback, entrepreneurs paid significant attention to eliminating barriers to doing business, educational programs, and most importantly, the possibility of working in online formats. This is especially true for aspiring entrepreneurs and young people. The development of non-financial support measures is another large area that the strategy pays close attention to.

First of all, within the framework of expanding the sales market, it is planned to extend the quota of purchases of the largest customers from SMEs to 20 thousand companies with state participation (now 1.8 thousand), as well as to increase the share of such purchases in the total volume to 30%. This will create a market for small and medium-sized businesses, the size of which will reach 5.1 trillion rubles by 2025.

To meet the demand from entrepreneurs in training and developing relevant competencies, the Corporation will launch a number of educational projects. Training programs will be designed for all stages of business development, will be held both online and offline, and will also help entrepreneurs develop their hard and soft skills. At the moment, the first acceleration program for innovative fast-growing companies is nearing completion and recruitment for the accelerator of social projects is open. In the next 5 years, it is planned to attract more than 580 thousand applicants to educational programs.

A new major challenge for the Corporation will be the digitalization of support measures within the Digital SME Platform. The platform will make it possible to form a digital profile of an entrepreneur, thanks to which he will be able to actively receive proposals on current support measures and solving life situations based on automated services and “super services”.