Ever Banega: I don’t think my son will speak inappropriately about Hilal

Ever Banega, the captain of the Saudi Al-Shabab club, denied that his son had spoken inappropriately about Al-Hilal, or the Saudi referees, commenting on his expulsion during the Al-Hilal and Al-Shabab match in the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional Cup League.

The Argentine international was sent off before the end of the first half, so that his team played incomplete in the remainder of the match and was late in the score 4-1 in front of Al Hilal, who shared the lead, and Ever Banega got two warnings, the first out of friction, and the second after he threw the ball in the face of the match referee, who gave him the second warning And the red card, to increase the suffering of his team.

Banega’s son said on his Twitter account: “The Al-Shabab and Al-Hilal match is the largest robbery that occurred in the 20/21 season in the Saudi League, a team gradually growing against another that won all championships by buying referees,” referring to Al-Hilal, before deleting the tweet later

Commenting on this matter, Banega assured that he does not believe that his son is the author of these lines, in which Al Hilal was accused of buying the rulers.

“I don’t think my son will speak this way,” Banega said in televised remarks.

The match that took place between Al Hilal and Al Shabab in the 26th round of the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Professional Cup League competition ended with Al Hilal winning 5/1.

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Regarding the reason for the expulsion, he said: “I do not think that it is a deserving dismissal. I respect every person who has a decision and respect the referee’s decision. I feel a responsibility towards the team and I do not think that I am responsible for losing the league title after my dismissal.”

He continued: “I think if there was a mistake, the referee’s reaction was exaggerated. I do not object and do not speak much in general and I was surprised by the red card and did not issue any inappropriate word towards the referee, and unfortunately, unfortunately the course of the match changed and it was an exceptional opportunity that will not be repeated to obtain a title. League this season ”.

And about his presence with the youth team, he said: “I am happy with the youth and I will continue in the next season. I deal with old and professional people. For me, I am very happy with my family in Saudi Arabia