Emaciated Miroslava Karpovich lives on droppers and gives “beauty injections”

The actress has literally dried up recently

Miroslava Karpovich recently shocked the audience with a frightening thinness. Fans are worried about the health of the emaciated actress. However, the beloved of Pavel Priluchny herself is worried about her appearance. She is forced to resort to the use of special drugs.

Miroslava Karpovich works very hard. Sometimes shooting the actress is literally exhausting. The star of the series “Daddy’s Daughters” admitted that she sleeps a little and lives on IVs.

“I want to share my experience of restoring myself from fatigue! Many people ask me about it! Let’s start from the inside! These are vitamins! I cannot recommend to everyone personally (this should be done by specialists, and it is also necessary to donate blood and watch your indicators), ” Mira said to the fans

She recalled that she spends a lot of time on the road, and the rather busy schedule of work in the theater exhausts her. “This is work on the nerves, like a balalaika. Food as God will send. Droppers This is really a very strong restorative and immuno-corrective thing! I survived 32 planes and two months of touring with very, very different time zones! ” – she wrote in the blog.

The actress also admitted that she does “beauty injections.” “Of course injections. I really like collagen, peptides, hyaluron, etc. Some say “ugh”! I will anoint myself with a cucumber! That I also smear when I do not finish the tail. Only nowadays the cucumbers are not what they used to be, and the air in the atmosphere is several times more concentrated. We need good nutrition from all sides. This way we keep our skin moisturized with the help of therapy! Like constant watering. The skin becomes plump and radiant. And even our small age wrinkles do not become so obvious ”, – summed up the chosen one of Priluchny.