Dr. Myasnikov: “Do you want to be vaccinated? Get ready for antique constraints “

The well-known TV presenter and chief physician of the city hospital appreciated the extension of the weekend and other measures in connection with the increase in the incidence in the capital

By the decision of the mayor of Moscow in connection with the increase in the incidence of covid in the capital , the weekend is extended. And also a number of other anti-epidemic measures are being introduced. We asked Alexander Myasnikov, a well-known doctor, TV presenter, chief physician of the M. Ye. Zhadkevich City Clinical Hospital, to rate them .

  • As we can see, there is another wave of the epidemic COVID-19, – says kp.ru Dr Myasnikov . – Moreover, the wave is predicted. Not only me, but also many other doctors warned: after we reached relatively stable rates of 8-9 thousand infections per day, after three months there will be an increase.

According to calculations, the rise was expected in May. But we were a little mistaken, in Moscow it moved to June. I want to warn other regions too: you, too, count 3-4 months after your indicators have stabilized – the incidence will also go up. This is the essence of the coronavirus. If you count, then the next wave will be in the fall.

As for the extension of the weekend in the capital and the introduction of other antiquated measures, this is understandable, the expert said.

  • The head of the region cannot passively perceive the increase in the incidence of COVID-19. And does what he has to do. Now, of course, someone will begin to whine: this is not possible, trade, restaurants will suffer, etc. Yes, for them it (the extension of the weekend and other restrictions – Ed.) Can really be painful. But I have a question: who brought it to such a situation ?! After all, we, the inhabitants of the city and the country, do it ourselves! You personally, your family members, your acquaintances have all taken root ?! Russia in one of the last places in Europe in terms of vaccination coverage!

At the same time, we do not want to be vaccinated and do not want antiquated measures. Sorry, you have to choose one thing. If you do not want to be vaccinated, then you must be prepared for the fact that with waves, surges in the incidence there will be two options. If you are vaccinated, then everything will continue to flow as it flows, there will be no severe cases, there will be mild forms of diseases, and they will not require harsh antikidny measures. Or, such measures will inevitably be introduced – simply in fact. Due to the fact that the majority of citizens are not vaccinated and fall ill with serious complications, overloading hospitals. We simply cannot oppose anything to it, except for restrictions.

So everything is in your hands – choose for yourself. Get vaccinated or wait for new surges in incidence and the return of new restrictions. As a doctor, I can clearly tell you: the most effective measure of the fight against coronavirus that will stop this attack is only one. This is vaccination. The only thing that can help. Alas, while mistrust of vaccinations prevents the epidemic from stopping.