Does Kim Kardashian know? Rapper Kanye West is dating model Irina Shayk.

At five minutes, the bachelor (and billionaire) has his eyes on the Russian beauty

It is difficult to imagine them as a couple, but it seems that this is a new sensation: Western media are seriously discussing rapper Kanye West’s romance with Russian supermodel Irina Shayk. The musician is divorcing reality TV star Kim Kardashian after six years of marriage, and he is already a bachelor five minutes later. And, therefore, he is open to new relationships. According to the Daily Mail , citing the popular Instagram account DeuxMoi, Kanye has his eye on Irina.


“Kanye West is now secretly dating Irina Shayk, the mother of Bradley Cooper’s child,” an anonymous source told the portal.

The news was immediately picked up by numerous secular gossips.

“I don’t know if this can be called a relationship, but they definitely have an interest in each other,” the DeuxMoi administrator commented on the insider’s statement. By the way, the account specializing in show business news has more than a million subscribers on the social network.

This version has every reason: Irina and Kanye have known each other for more than ten years. In 2010, the model starred in the video for his song “Power”, where she played an angel. In the video, Irina appears in a revealing gold outfit with a pair of wings on her back. Two years later, a beauty from Russia took part in the show of West’s Yeezy (Kanye West’s fashion brand) fall-winter clothing collection at Paris Fashion Week. And just a month ago, the paparazzi photographed Irina in a DMX T-shirt, designed by West in collaboration with the fashion house Balenciaga. Perhaps it was Kanye who gave the model?

After breaking up with her daughter’s father, Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper, Irina was never seen in a new relationship. Shayk and Cooper started dating in 2015, and two years later they had a daughter, Leia. Now the actor and the model are raising a four-year-old baby together, and, despite the separation, they do it perfectly. The former common-law spouses have maintained friendly relations, as the paparazzi who photographed them on the street have seen more than once.

The divorce of model Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West is still in its early stages: the couple will have to share custody of the children and the luxurious Los Angeles estate they bought together in court. The former spouses have four children: 7-year-old North, 5-year-old Saint, two-year-old Chicago and one-year-old Psalm. Kim asks the court to grant her and her husband joint custody of the children.

Kanye and Kim will not share their fabulous fortune: before the wedding, they signed a marriage contract, so each of them will remain with their income. In any case, West is an enviable bachelor. According to Forbes, the musician is in 1750th place in the ranking of the richest people in the world with a fortune of $ 1.8 billion. At the same time, Kanye himself assures that he is much richer than they say about him: the rapper insists that he has $ 3 billion in his accounts. Much of Kanye’s wealth did not come from music, but from his fashion brand Yeezy and his partnership with Adidas.