Discord ball. How Euro 2020 does not unite, but separates peoples

Unfortunately, the idea of ​​a football festival across Europe does not work.

The Russian national team did not kneel before the game with Belgium. Photo: Reuters

Sitting in self-isolation, Europe jumped onto the football pitch. Passions run high in every match, players clash heads, Dane Eriksen is reanimated right on the field after a cardiac arrest, and fans attack the players and each other on social networks. There has never been such a tough football. Both on and off the field.

And now they are not even discussing the teams themselves, their tactics, the results of matches, but the reaction to certain near-football events. National teams of Belgium and England get down on one knee before their matches and win. But their rivals Russia and Croatia don’t do it and fail. Fighters for the rights of blacks are jubilant … But then the Dutch do not eitherbow downbefore the match, and yet they defeat Ukraine (3: 2). Who was there, scored, who was wrong – no one remembers.

But in Lviv they are bottled free beerfor each goal against the Russian national team. And they are glad that Ukraine has lost with a smaller score. Hey guys, come to your senses! Are you really watching the game that until recently fascinated hundreds of millions of fans around the world? Or the whole sport, like an honest dispute between young and beautiful people, in your brain has already turned into its own denial. Doping scandals, fabulous transfers of football players, exceeding the budget of some poor province, mud, squabbles, all kinds of racial and rainbow demonstrations … This has never happened.

And to blame for this coup, paradoxically, all the same WADA and the IOC, who became dependent on politicians, UEFA, which allowed Ukrainians to play in T-shirts with silhouette of Crimea, various international organizations fighting for the “equality of people”, but in fact doing business on it.

Alas, sport in this world “struggle” has proved to be a very convenient and dangerously sharp tool for various dubious “operations”. And all this spilled out during the long-suffering Euro 2020, which was already postponed for a year, and several cities refused its matches. Unfortunately, the global misfortune in the form of a pandemic did not unite, but, on the contrary, divided the peoples.

And the rest was completed by politicians, and the soccer ball, around which people of different political views, skin colors and religions used to unite, hit everyone in the head