Defense needs plan “B”. 5 conclusions after the Russia – Bulgaria match

Last rehearsal before Euro 2020 turned into a problem

Rarely have I seen the head coach of the Russian national team in such a gloomy mood. Before the game with Bulgaria, Stanislav Cherchesov often joked, always explained everything and even allowed Philip Kirkorov to come to the base. After a test match, albeit a victorious one(1:0)Stanislav Salamovich was as gloomy as ever. Two injuries of two defenders seem to completely ruin the plans of the coaching staff for Euro 2020. There are no equivalent substitutions. Football players in 140 million Russia can be counted on one hand. And to indicate the defenders, the hand of a turner who did not follow safety precautions is enough.

1. Kudryashov will not play with Belgium. We have big problems defensively

Fyodor Kudryashov’s injury is a loss. On June 6, doctors will still checkthe severity of the damage, but even if he remains in the team at Euro 2020, he has practically no chance of going against Belgium. Judging by various indications, it was Fedor who was playing to keep Lukaku in the match against the Belgian national team. Now you need a plan “B”. Or after Barinov’s injury – even “V.”

2. Barinov was Cherchesov’s find. But what now that he also has an injury?

Dmitry Barinov’s condition is not critical. He has either a broken nose, or a bruise – on June 6, he will show a CT scan. But he has a lot of chances to play, even in a special mask. Cherchesov said that 80 percent of the time he played the nominally defensive midfielder Barinov in defense. This is understandable – in addition to selecting and reading the game, Dmitry has good speed for this position, an excellent pass and the skills to move the game forward. It’s a shame if all of this turns out to be useless due to the ill-fated damage.

3. In the attack, everything is also unimportant. Dzyuba – heavy

Before the 2018 World Cup, Artem Dziuba was burning with football and a desire to prove that he is the best. Three years have passed, Dziuba still wants to be the first, but he has become older and at his 32 years old everything is not so easy for him. Against Poland and Bulgaria, Artyom did not look as cheerful as he would like. Perhaps the matter is in heavy loads and the captain will come to his senses in a week. But Cherchesov clearly needs backup options for the attack. And he is looking for them.

4. Golovin alone will not take everyone out

Alexander was active again. But betting on one player in attack is always a bad bet. In Belgium, Denmark and even Finland, everyone can see the trump cards of Russia very well. If he is only one, it is much easier to play with such an opponent. Something else is needed.

5. Miranchuk came out and saved the result. Learned to be a joker at Atalanta?

There must be something good even in such a game. And it was – a replacement for increasing pressure. Sobolev, Mostovoy and Miranchuk, coming on as substitutes, raised the pace. As a result, Vleksey earned an important penalty. Sobolev has clearly implemented it. So there are reserves. And Miranchuk scored goals in Atalanta, often as a substitute. This skill is needed now by the national team more than ever.

After the game, Cherchesov was clearly not in the mood for conversation. He seemed to be preparing for an exam in one subject, and a week before passing he learned that he needed to take a completely different course. This means that a completely different life will now begin at the base in Novogorsk. It was somehow too calm.Share this