Daughter of Ivan Urgant showed too much right in public

Erica Kutalia suddenly lifts her skirt in a public place

The eldest daughter of Ivan Urgant did what few expected of her. Erica Kutalia lifted her skirt on the subway, showing the public not only white thongs, but also an impressive ass.

The daughter of Ivan Urgant loves to excite fans with spicy pictures . Erica Kutalia once again decided on a bold photo. This time she showed her charms right in a public place.

The 20-year-old beauty lifted her skirt and bared herself on the subway escalator.

Note that Erica is the adopted daughter of Urgant. The girl’s own father is the first husband of Natalia Kiknadze, Ivan’s wife. But the TV presenter himself always treated the girl like a family.

Note that Erica Kutalia has been living in New York for a long time . She is studying at the Faculty of Arts at the prestigious Parsons University. The girl is visited by her mother, stepfather and half-sisters Nina and Valeria several times a year. Urgant actively participates in Erica’s life, supporting her in all her endeavors and pampering her no less than her own children.