Cryptocurrency was banned in Ingushetia due to neglect

The local clergy consulted and came to the conclusion that virtual money will not benefit the people

On May 24, the head of the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Ingushetia, Mufti Magomed Khashtyrov called on all believers in Allah to abandon the use of cryptocurrency, and in particular bitcoins . According to him, this is easy money that has no physical form. Easy money always leads to trouble.

The clergy consulted on this issue and, together with economists, issued a fatwa (authoritative opinion within the Sharia). The document states that the cryptocurrency violates the norms of Islamic law and should not be used in Ingushetia. According to the mufti, it is better for believers to be engaged in their own gardens and vegetable gardens, and not to think about virtual enrichment .

  • Cryptocurrency is a computer program. That is, this is not an ordinary trade, for example, in the market, not an exchange of goods, which is not prohibited for a Muslim. Easy, unsubstantiated money, it never brings good. At the same time, our gardens are neglected, overgrown with weeds. We should think about this, and not about virtual money, ”the Ingushetia newspaper quotes Magomed Khashtyrov.
Photo: still-frame video of one of Khashtyrov’s appeals

He also noted that joint work brings people together, and virtual work makes them quarrel. He shared a story about how the quarreling citizens of the republic came to him “for trial”. One repaired the computer, and the other paid with bitcoins, but not in full. Khashtyrov considered this to be the starting point of great discord .

  • Cryptocurrency is not yet money and not a commodity. When it becomes publicly available, legally accepted means of payment with a state guarantee, then we can talk about money, but not today, the mufti summed up.

Note that the conversation about the negative nature of cryptocurrency among the local clergy began back in April 2021.

We will remind, earlier “KP-North Caucasus” wrote about the death of the mufti of Ingushetia Abdurakhman Martazanov after being infected with the coronavirus. Then Magomed Khashtyrov took his place.