Create Your Own Romance This Valentine’s – No Matter How Bad Your Marriage Is – Kathryn Morrow

Create Your Own Romance This Valentine’s – No Matter How Bad Your Marriage Is

If you’re facing relationship struggles, Valentine’s Day is probably the last thing on your mind. Grand romantic gestures are great – but what if you feel like your marriage is damaged beyond repair?

The good news is, you can create your own romance and fall back in love with your husband again. According to coach Kathryn Morrow, the secret is that it starts with you.

Kathryn is the founder of the White Picket Fence Project and works with women all around the world to help families stay together and protect children from divorce. But more importantly, she helps women like you to rediscover the person they used to be.

If you’ve been trying to fix your marriage and your husband is refusing to engage, it’s easy to decide that everything is his fault. As Kathryn says:

“If you’re blaming your husband for all of your issues, why would he want to go to marriage counselling? You are constantly attacking him without taking any action to change things yourself, so it will be almost impossible to make any progress.”

You need to start making changes in your own behaviour, which will in turn encourage him to do the same thing. 

Blame always lies on both sides. If you want things to change, you need to make the first move and take ownership of your behaviour. Are you showing up every day as the woman, wife, and mother God created you to be?

Perhaps you’ve become so focused on your kids that you barely recognise who you are anymore.

“So many of the women I work with have lost who they used to be – the person their husband was attracted to in the first place. The secret to change is learning how to stand in your own strength. 

You need to work on your relationship with yourself first, and be ready to take accountability for your actions.”

Kathryn is uniquely qualified to help women in this way due to her own experiences with severe marriage issues. She suffered narcissistic abuse from her husband Cass for years, which led to her completely checking out of the relationship, becoming bitter, angry, and resentful in the process. 

The secret to Kathryn rediscovering her passionate marriage is that she decided to put her children first and start working on herself, so they didn’t witness the contempt that had taken over her household. Hence her slogan: “Keeping families together”.

Keeping her family together was the ultimate goal – fixing her relationship with her husband was a beautiful by-product of that process. 

The reason Kathryn’s coaching is so successful is that she understands exactly what you’re going through, so there’s no pressure or judgement. She isn’t a marriage coach who is preaching to you about an unrealistic ideal. She has been in your shoes. 

“Other women are constantly thanking me for my vulnerability. The reason I share my story is to prove that change is possible. I’ve been through the very worst and have come out the other side.” 

Here is what just a few of what Kathryn’s clients had to say about working with her:

“This program has opened up for me that I don’t have to pick one area of life to work on. I can choose it all.”

“I know so many women who are so broken, that every aspect of the White Picket Fence would help to repair them.”

“I go to bed knowing I’m going to be with my husband for the rest of my life. I’m not scared anymore.”

So, coming back to Valentine’s Day. How do you take the first steps to fix your marriage and make sure you have a romantic day?

Let your husband know that you are open to big gestures! 

“Your husband might not even think you love him anymore because of how bad things got in your relationship. Throw him a bone – I promise he’ll catch it!”

If you’re ready to show up as the woman you want to be, working with Kathryn will help you transform your relationship with your husband – by transforming your relationship with yourself. 

The ‘White Picket Fence’ life of your dreams can be yours. You can have it all!

You just need to be ready to show up and do the work. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to start. 

Kathryn Morrow’s 12-week ‘White Picket Fence Project’ program is available on a 1:1 or group coaching basis. You can find out more here.