Call Ignashevich again. 5 conclusions after the match Poland – Russia

The Russian national team before Euro 2020two test matches. Poland is a stronger rival in order to work out ties in defense before the game in the European Championship with Belgium. Bulgaria (we play on June 5) – weaker, in order to understand how we will attack in the match with Finland. And if the task for the game with the Poles was to reveal the weaknesses of the defense of the Russian national team, then it was successfully completed. “KP Sport” – about the main conclusions afterdraw 1-1 with Poland.

1. The Russian national team missed already in the 4th minute, but managed to recoup

Alarming sign. Cherchesov’s team was clearly not ready for such an aggressive start of the Polish national team. This is bad – they will not be forgiven like that at Euro 2020. The national team of Belgium, and Denmark too, is unlikely to give it back so easily. Rather, they will try to finally crush and destroy the opponent.

But Cherchesov’s team managed to equalize the score. This is a very important point for psychology. A strong-willed victory did not work, but a strong-willed draw gives confidence that even with an unsuccessful development of the course of the game, there is always a chance to save the match. It is good that Russia has such a fresh experience ahead of Euro 2020.

2. The Russian national team has big problems in defense, but there is no other Ignashevich

The Polish national team played without Robert Lewandowski, but even so it caused a lot of trouble for the defense of the Russian team. The central defenders of the Russian national team made mistakes very often, and, correcting other people’s and their own mistakes, they often fouled. As a result, Semyonov had a warning in the first half, and Kudryashov for the second yellow card could be sent off in the 72nd minute. At Euro 2020, such miscalculations will not be forgiven.

But we have no other defenders. Three years ago, Cherchesov solved the problem of the lack of central defense players by inviting retired Ignashevich. And he gave an excellent tournament on experience. This option does not currently exist.

3. Dziuba rarely took over the game

Almost all the threat to the opponent’s goal came from the players of the second wave of the attack of the Russian team. The second scorer in the history of the national team (let’s hope that he will be the first at Euro 2020) Artem Dzyuba very rarely took over the game. He tried to work out in pressing, he tried to keep the ball and once even burst into the penalty area with defenders on his shoulders. But mostly the captain dropped the balls to his partners. Those disposed of them not in the best way.

4. Golovin and Miranchuk can play together

Miranchuk’s appearance in the starting lineup is somewhat of a surprise. It is believed that the Atalanta midfielder in the Russian national team does not show leadership qualities and plays the role of a substitute. And in general, together with Golovin, it is difficult for them to combine on the field. Miranchuk did not do a huge amount of work in the match with Poland either. But in episodes, he turned on very well, and created a sharpness at the gate. Will this be enough to convince Cherchesov’s coaching staff of their usefulness?

5. It is a pity that Lewandowski did not play  

The main striker of all of Europe, Robert Lewandowski, asked not to let him on the field in this match – the season was long, difficult, and the striker is not quite healthy. Poland coach Paulo Sousa respected the request. But for the Russian national team, this loss from rivals is one frustration. It would be more useful to play against such a striker, to feel his class, so that the meeting with the main striker of the Belgian national team Lukaku would not come as a shock.