Brother of Vladimir Kuzmin Alexander: “Vova was infected with the coronavirus by his wife”

The musician got three shots, but got sick anyway

Rocker Vladimir Kuzmin was hospitalized. He was diagnosed with a coronavirus. His brother Alexander commented on the incident.

“I know that Vladimir (Kuzmin) has been in a hospital in Odintsovo for an hour under the supervision of the best doctors, this is the Center of the Ministry of Defense for patients with coronavirus,” the musician’s brother told temperature, but it did not go astray.

According to the family and his wife Katerina, the disease came from her, because Katya was always with Vova and the patient traveled with him on tour. According to Katya, she contracted the infection from her students, whom she teaches master classes. Of course, it was necessary to approach the issue of health more responsibly and isolate the sick person during treatment, especially since the brother is in the age group of risk ..

“I know that Vova is not a fan of visiting all sorts of public places for no reason, and that is why he insured himself, just in case he got three vaccinations.”

But, despite all three vaccinations, antibodies were still small:

“I am sure that everything will be all right, the Kuzmin family is long-livers and therefore my brother will cope with this terrible disease and soon we will see him on stage again,” says Alexander Kuzmin. okay, but if he had a reason for the third vaccination, then there was also reason to be afraid. Now he has 30% lung damage, but his family insisted on his hospitalization for insurance. The brother got to the hospital at the same time with Alexander Bui new and we hope that the best doctors in Russia, under the control of the government, will take care of the health of idols.

I am a dear person to him, and he is dear to me, I sincerely wish my brother a speedy recovery and take care of himself, because, as a rule, only relatives need a sick person, and millions of fans are still waiting for him! “

Fans write words of support and wishes of healing to their idol on the networks.