Beyoncé promotes her sports brand in a bold way after its launch

Global singing star Beyoncé has boldly promoted her new sports group “Icy Park” after its recent launch.

The group was launched this weekend, as the 39-year-old star appeared in an eye-catching fashion while promoting her Instagram profile on Thursday evening.

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In her new promotional campaign, the singer has followed in the footsteps of her compatriot Rihanna, who recently appeared topless to promote her brand’s underwear as well.


Beyoncé appeared slightly topless, wearing a blue track jacket with an open zip without completely wearing anything underneath.


The singer coordinated sporty pants with the well-known “Supersleek 72” shoe in white color, and finished her look by placing a large scarf between one of her shoulders and the ground, and she did not forget to use rings and bracelets and put a huge gold chain on her neck.

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Earlier, the pop star’s Instagram account was filled with promotional photos of her brand “Icy Park”, which was called “Adidas x IVY PARK” to refer to ice, and which was born from the merger of Adidas sports expertise with “IVY PARK”.

However, far from conceptualizing the project as a collection of clothes, shoes, and accessories in a narrow sense, the Where is My Park mantra actually encourages people to think independently and outside the box.

Among the famous faces that Beyoncé has hired for her promotional campaign are model Hailey Bieber, rapper and record director Gucci Mane, singer Cash Page and models Akisha Murray, She Gray, Kyla Coleman, along with her daughter, Blue Ivy