Beauties and politics, interact with events and are exposed to criticism

What is the relationship of beauty to politics?

A question asked by astonished everyone who sees a beauty queen, or follows a girl who participates in international beauty contests, talks about political matters, whether in her country, or about the situation in the inflamed regions of the world, and the reason is that the prevailing impression of “beautiful women” is that they depend on their appearance External only, despite having passed dozens of tests in general information, culture and knowledge, but also politics.
There are beauty queens who were fully aware of the political events in their countries, and some of them were subjected to harassment, which even reached the withdrawal of the title sometimes because of their opinions in political events and their objection to the decisions of their government at times.

Thuzar fights with the “video”
Thozar Went Lewin, Miss Burma, took advantage of her participation in the Miss Universe contest to denounce the military coup that her country witnessed on the first of last February.
And Miss Burma used the video that is shown about each contestant before the final ruling, and showed clips of her participation in popular demonstrations, and asked everyone to talk about Burma. Lewin did not stop at this point, but took advantage of her winning the award for the best traditional costume to hold a banner reading “Pray for Burma”, after wearing the traditional costume decorated with motifs from the indigenous Burma culture, and despite all this momentum, Miss Burma was unable to achieve the title.

Bernadette against racism,
“Stop the hatred against Asians.” Thus, Miss Singapore Bernadette Belle Ong wrote on her traditional costume in the traditional costume competition, to declare her position against the racism suffered by Asians, and she wore the colors of the Singapore flag to further support the idea.
Ong went back to posting her photo from the contest on Instagram, and this time she wrote: What is the use of this platform if I cannot use it to send a strong message about resistance against prejudice and violence, so that she will gain a lot of support for her cause that she is defending.

Sanchez resolves a 100-year-old conflict The
countries of Bolivia and Chile have been fighting over a region in the Pacific Ocean, for more than a century. It was natural for Miss Chile Valentina Sanchez to side with her country, but she did the opposite, to provoke a wave of anger against her.
During a meeting on the sidelines of the Miss South America contest, Sanchez said, saying the sea is the king of Bolivia, we are with you, the people of Chile are with you, all my colleagues, the people say the sea belongs to Bolivia, to start the storm against her on Twitter.
Bolivia’s President Evo Morales described what Miss Chile did as a brave thing, but she suffered for a long time from criticism from politicians in her country, and they considered what she did a betrayal of an important cause in her country.

Margana criticizes Trump A
video spread of Miss Texas Margana Wood criticizing former US President Donald Trump, after his position on the Charlottesville events, where she explicitly said that the positions taken by white racists required an explicit response from the president, after the death of one of the demonstrators against racism, describing what happened By terrorist act.
Wood was the only one who gave her opinion without impartiality or trying to elude, as did all the other beauty queens in the Miss USA contest, especially since the participants in it are prohibited from talking about politics in any way.

Imprisonment for beautiful Murphy
, former Miss Turkey 2006, Murphy Buyukesarak, faced a fourteen-month suspended prison sentence, after she was accused of insulting President Erdogan on social media, after she posted a satirical poem on her personal page.
 Buyukesarak was forced to defend herself in court on the charge of insulting a state employee, and she was arrested for a short period in connection with the case, but her lawyer succeeded in obtaining a suspended sentence, and that was in 2014.