Ayush Mauryavanshi: The founder and CEO of three Startups

These days digital entrepreneur has become the dreams of many youths. Aside from the business entrepreneur or corporate entrepreneur, it is somewhat different. Digital entrepreneur is a way of creating digital products to improve people’s lives and their needs.

In addition to this, these days almost everything is digitalizing. The pandemic has also taught us that we always need to have options. So, that one could thrive in any kind of situation either it is pandemic or next crisis. That’s where digital entrepreneurs are getting popular these days.

Ayush Mauryavanshi is a rising entrepreneur originally from India has successfully established himself as a young digital entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of three startups including “TheGrowwers”. TheGrowwers is an Digital Marketing Agency that is also working offline. It mainly provides digital services including Website designing, Content Creation, Press Publication, and Social media are some of the major services provided by a startup.

Who is Ayush Mauryavanshi ?

Ayush Mauryavanshi is an Indian Digital Entrepreneur who is known for his contribution to the digital economy. He was born and raised in Uttar Pradesh, India. Ayush has completed his graduation in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. He started his career in this field at his young age. While he was in his high school he had known basic of Digital marketing and how it could change the world.

After that, he started becoming curious about it. So, he started learning more about digital media, website designing, coding, and so on. Later on, he learns to design websites, Coding, and digital marketing. Ayush is a believer in self-learner. He believes that we can learn anything for free of cost we didn’t need to go to university and spend millions.

How he started

In the early days, he found that many people were selling their products. Just for the sake of digital products while ignoring quality. People were not focusing on giving quality service. Indeed they were more focused on making money. This has motivated him to start his own startup and offers quality service to the people.

He never compromises on giving the best quality product. This has made his startup “Thegrowwers” successful in this competitive digital world. Now he has clients from all over the world. Therefore, now he has equipped with so many skills that have helped him to found two more startups. He never stops learning new things that have made him capable of competing in digital Marketing.

Apart from this, now he has started exploring beyond digital marketing. In an interview, he said that he has started investing his money in digital currency like crypto, NFT and shares as well. To sum he, he has proved that nothing can stop one from achieving their dreams if they have the hunger to learn.

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