Arshavin’s mother seized the cottage from his ex-wife Alisa Kazmina

The ex-wife of the Zenit legend still lives in the house and intends to fight for it further

The mother of the Zenit legend Andrei Arshavin still seized the house from his ex-wife Alisa Kazmina . Recall that after the divorce, the ex-spouse continued to live in a luxurious St. Petersburg cottage, despite requests to leave there. However, the property does not belong to her, but to the former mother-in-law. As the lawyer of Alisa Kazmina Pavel Voloshin told “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the decision of the court of first instance did come into legal force this week. Alice had already been notified, and she was obviously very upset.

  • If I correctly understood the intention of my trustee, she is forced to continue to fight (for the house – Ed.). To do this, she has legal mechanisms – appeals in cassation and a request to postpone the execution of the court’s decision. Alice is forced to fight, because we are talking not only about her, but also about her little daughter. On her part, this is both a right and, probably, a duty. Now Alisa continues to live in the said house with her daughter, – Kazmina’s defender told KP-Petersburg.

It is noteworthy that, in addition to this, Alice will soon have to sue Arshavin’s mother for the second time – already in the case of unjust enrichment by living in a cottage . The ex-mother-in-law demands from her former daughter-in-law no less than 2 million rubles for unwillingness to move out. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for July, now the parties are preparing for the process.

All these litigations were superimposed on the fact that Kazmina was seriously ill . Her face was struck by autoimmune necrosis, disfiguring her appearance. In addition, she suffered a severe coronavirus and even spent four days in a coma during peritonitis. A couple of days ago, Alice published a mysterious post on Instagram where she says goodbye to fans and asks forgiveness from children, mother and grandmother. Subscribers crept into the idea that she was thinking about suicide. Kazmina’s lawyer asks to be supported.

  • She has run out of strength or not, only she knows it. But do not forget that, first of all, she is a young lady. Secondly, she found herself in a difficult life situation. Thirdly, unfortunately, not very healthy, it just so happened. She has the right to this gesture of despair (publication on a social network – Ed.). I think we all owe at least just a Christian sympathy for her, – concluded Pavel Voloshin.