Apple CEO testifies in Epic Games antitrust lawsuit

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, testified in an Oakland court against Epic Games. The plaintiff accuses App Stor that the store not only takes up to 30 percent of its sales revenue through its platform, but also blocks the ability to perform financial transactions inside applications, bypassing the platform. Cook stated that this is company policy. Since the Iphone user acquires a “full-fledged ecosystem” together with a smartphone.


The judge was surprised that game developers get a disproportionate amount for their product posting. It turns out that they are actually subsidizing Apple. Tim Cook objected to this that manufacturers get access to a very wide audience and this is an adequate price for the opportunity to promote their product. It is known that at the end of last year, the App Store brought in $ 57 billion in profits.

The next Apple / Epic Games court hearing is scheduled for Monday. If the decision is made in favor of the plaintiff, then this can radically affect the operation of the mobile applications market.