Anna Sedokova said that she contains a young husband, a basketball player

The 38-year-old singer hinted that her 28-year-old husband has been without a salary for a year.

Last year, Anna Sedokova married basketball player Janis Timma. The fans were sure that the artist hit the jackpot, because under the contract her husband, the player of the Khimki club, receives about a million dollars a year. However, the financial situation of the newlyweds was not so rosy. On the air of the YouTube show “Night Contact” 38-year-old Sedokova hinted that her 28-year-old husband has been without a salary for a year, and she supports him.

The host of the show asked the ex-“VIA Gra”: is it true that Anna supports her husband.

  • When you marry a man, you must understand that if he is not paid a salary for a year, you will still be with him. It seems to me that this moment is very strongly manifested here. You should just love him without a paycheck, – admitted Sedokova.

Anna said that her husband has already signed a new contract, but she still cannot divulge information about him. The artist only clarified that the new club is not located in Russia.

The fact that the basketball club “Khimki” is experiencing financial difficulties became known in 2021. After the team’s head coach Rimas Kurtinaitis was fired, Timma started having problems. Janis began to conflict with the new coach and stopped attending training. The fact that the Latvian athlete actually left the club was confirmed in February this year by the general director of Khimki, Pavel Astakhov.

Apparently, in the light of recent events, Anna had to seriously revise her budget. Even before the dismissal of her husband, the artist bought two apartments on a mortgage. One of them cost her 58 million rubles. Now Sedokova pays 480 thousand rubles a month for it. Apartments of 200 square meters with “incredible views” are located in the central district of Moscow. Now the singer is making repairs in it. In the meantime, the artist and her family are huddled in a rented apartment.