Anna Sedokova nearly died while on vacation in Greece

The singer spoke about a sudden illness that struck her on the paradise island of Mykonos

Anna Sedokova and her husband Janis Timma are on vacation in Greece. The singer went to the island of Mykonos, famous for its golden beaches, turquoise sea and cozy coves sandwiched between picturesque rocks. On Instagram, the artist generously shared sunny photos and pictures of herself in a bikini. It seemed that nothing could darken her vacation on the paradise island. However, the 38-year-old artist’s vacation at the resort was spoiled by a sudden allergy.

At first, Anna became covered with red spots and began to swell greatly. Sedokova developed urticaria, an allergic dermatitis. To overcome the disease, the singer began to take antihistamines, which cause side effects. In the end, the artist decided that her body would cope with the allergy on its own, and stopped taking pills, which led to serious consequences. In the middle of the night, Anna woke up from the fact that she could not breathe. The artist developed Quincke’s edema – severe edema of the larynx, skin and mucous membranes. If, in such a situation, measures are not taken in time and the necessary drugs are not urgently injected, the patient may die of suffocation.

  • Hives visited us in Mykonos. I decided not to take the hard medicine anymore. Since it slowly kills me and sows my immunity. I decided to conquer the disease myself, ” Anna told Instagram stories. – This morning I woke up from the fact that I was suffocating. This is called Quincke’s edema. When the internal organs are swollen and it becomes difficult for you to breathe. In this case, an injection is urgently needed. Of course, you need to consult a doctor!