Ani Lorak shines with happiness at her daughter’s birthday next to her cheating husband

Former spouses reunited at the celebration on the occasion of the 9th anniversary of Sofia

Ani Lorak arranged a grand celebration on the occasion of the 9th birthday of her daughter Sofia. The fans of the star were especially pleased that the girl’s father, Turkish businessman Murat Nalchazhdioglu, was also present at the celebration. The 42-year-old singer does not advertise her reunion with her ex-husband and stubbornly ignores all questions from journalists on this topic. However, the artist is now and then noticed along with Murat. It is possible that the ex-spouses are simply maintaining a good relationship for the sake of their daughter, but fans are still confident that they have become a couple again.

The artist arranged a large-scale party for her daughter with animators, fun entertainment and a huge cake. The holiday was attended by famous artists, famous family friends and, of course, Sofia’s father. On Instagram, the singer shared the brightest moments of the holiday. The subscribers of the star were especially impressed by the huge multi-tiered cake made especially for the birthday girl. The confectionery masterpiece was decorated with photographs of Sofia and figures of the girl’s favorite cartoons. The place of honor on the cake was taken by a photograph of the birthday girl with her parents – Ani and Murat.

Murat Nalchazhdioglu in his stories shared several videos filmed at his daughter’s holiday. Judging by the footage, Sofia was glad to see her dad, with whom she spends a lot of time, despite her parents’ divorce.