Amazon Drops weed testing for most of the new job applicants

Nevada to Legalize Cannabis in Pot Lounges

Amazon is the largest e-commerce giant in the USA and the World.  The E-commerce giant is the second-largest private employer in the US. It hires thousands of new employees every single year and while hiring them they used to have a drug testing policy. Due to this policy, they used to disqualify many candidates while getting jobs.

Amazon-Workers Marijuana

But, now according to the latest reports Amazon will no longer disqualify their new candidates if they tested positive for Marijuana use. Amazon will treat marijuana the same as alcohol for the department like transportation. This includes Truck driver, Heavy Truck Driver, and Machinery Operator. The company said in their blog post on Tuesday.

What is Moore Act?

The company also seems to be pushing the More ACT and legalizing Marijuana all over the US. More Act (Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment Expungement Act) is a move that was reintroduced in Congress on Friday. The act will remove Marijuana from the list of Drugs and making it to similar Alcohol and Tobacco. Besides this, it will also tax Marijuana products and invest them in the communities harmed by Marijuana.

The state laws are moving all across the US and the US House of Representatives is introducing more laws regarding the Recreational Use of Marijuana. Similarly, many US states are legalizing the use of Marijuana based on an adult-use Policy.  So far 17 states have legalized marijuana in the US by now. In the coming days, we could see many companies removing Marijuana from the Drug testing list treating it as an alcohol substance.

Amazon Legalizing Marijuana dsoahfp

After this, all the states legalizing Marijuana will release people who were jailed for the Use and Sell of marijuana-related products. Similarly, many US states are on the way to brought Adult use policy. Whereas, some states have been legalizing marijuana for medical use only. In the coming year, we could see many US states bringing Adult use policy for Marijuana Consumer.

Sales of Marijuana Across the US

Washington was the first US state to implement an Adult Use policy for Marijuana consumers. Marijuana sales all across the US is somewhere around $18.3 billion in the year 2020.  This is a $7.6 billion increase from the past year. Due to the pandemic, many industries were going through losses. But, the pandemic has boosted the sales of Marijuana product all across the US. This growing legalization will boost sales by billion dollars in revenue.