Alisa Arshavina: “I have no face, but my stomach is cut lengthwise”

The seriously ill ex-wife of a football player is crying in despair

Health problems continue to haunt Alisa Arshavin. The 39-year-old ex-wife of footballer Andrei Arshavin cannot cope with the consequences of a severe autoimmune disease. The woman almost lost her nose, but the problems with her appearance are nothing compared to the difficult operation that she had to undergo due to an attack of peritonitis. Alice spent several days in a coma, recuperating for a long time. In addition, she has big problems with her legs – the bedsores, formed due to the coma, have turned into ulcers. In the YouTube project “The Truth Better” by blogger Suren Kagramanov, Alisa showed her face disfigured by the disease and admitted that people are simply not aware of all the troubles that happened to her.

  • My legs are bandaged, there is no face, and my stomach is cut lengthwise. But the time has come when I can tell my story, – said Arshavina.

Alice shared the sad story of her marriage, noting that she was deeply in love with Andrey and trusted him very much. Arshavin is upset that people now and then remind her of the boomerang effect, because the athlete went to her, leaving his common-law wife Yulia Baranovskaya and three children. Alice has nothing against the TV presenter, but she is not going to communicate with her either. To Suren’s question: does she want to meet with Yulia and have a heart-to-heart talk like a woman, because Andrei treated both Yulia and her disgustingly, Arshavina replies:

  • Why should I meet with her? Just because her ex did the same to me as he did to her?

Now Alice continues to fight for her life and health for the sake of children. She brings up three children – a four-year-old daughter Yesenia from an athlete and two heirs from a previous marriage. The situation is aggravated by the litigation for the house, which Arshavin is waging with her ex-mother-in-law. The footballer and his mother evict Alice and her children from the mansion, which she moved into after the wedding with Andrey. Recently, the court decided to evict a mother with many children from this house. Alice worries that she and the children will end up on the street, and admits that she lost her hands. With tears in her eyes, she begs her ex-husband to take pity on them. Alice recently left a desperate message on Instagram. She said goodbye to fans and asked for forgiveness from her children.