Al-Faisali snatches his first title in the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup

Riyadh (dpa)

Al-Faisali won the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Football Cup for the first time in its history, after his impressive 3/2 victory over Al-Taawon in the final match of the competition.

 Julio Tavares assumed the starring role in the meeting, after he scored three “hat-trick” goals for Al-Faisali, to lead him to the championship in his second appearance in the final match of the competition.

 The cooperation initiated by scoring through Cameroon’s Linder Tawamba in the 14th minute, but Tavares equalized for Al-Faisali in the 40th minute with a penalty kick.

 Al-Taawon quickly returned to lead in the score, after Kaku scored the second goal in the 45th minute from a penalty kick, but Tavares came back to hit the net again, scoring the second goal for Al-Faisali in the 60th minute.

 Despite the numerical deficiency that Al-Faisali suffered from after his player Mohammed Al-Nakhilan received a red card in the 83rd minute, Tavares continued his brilliance after scoring the coronation goal for the Al-Annabi team, in the third minute of the calculated time instead of lost for the second half, to prevent Al-Faisali from winning the championship for the second time in its history after Previously it was crowned