After the Gaza war, where is the Brotherhood’s destination?

Just as all the forces that play roles in the arenas of politics or action, and they do not have anything firm or final, and their options are open and forced to deal with the facts of the status quo; The Palestinian Hamas movement applies to this same fact. Indeed, other forces, which change with the succession of stages under the influence of these facts, may be in a better condition than Hamas, due to the latter’s having to take ambiguous or overlapping approaches at the same time. In principle, it is a resistance movement, and in detail, it is the military wing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine.

It was only this entrance, which would make the “group” find a place for it in the Palestinian scene, especially since the “brothers” after finishing it organizationally and politically in Egypt, and throughout the ages; It has become classified in the consciousness of successive generations, as, on the one hand, it is an ally of traditional regimes linked to the West that supports Israel, and on the other hand, it was not part of the project of the Palestinian armed struggle, which was launched in 1965.

It should not be forgotten that the grievances of the Palestinians, which have worsened over the decades, have produced a kind of extremism among generations. Therefore, the “group” in terms of being an ideological party would not find a role for it within the framework of Palestinian specificity, without a new transformation that would go – albeit belatedly – to the ranks of the Palestinian national struggle. Otherwise, there is no other choice, as long as the Arab and Islamic worlds shed light on the Palestinian struggle, in a way that would embarrass the Palestinian circle of the “group.” Over the decades, the “Brotherhood” group has been seeking to reorganize its partisan ranks, after the series of blows it received, and persevered in building its economy and rebuilding its organization, based on the prospects of its spread in the region and in some places in the international arena, such as Britain, Germany and the United States.

The second demand of the Brotherhood after it was armed in Gaza; To take advantage of the weakness of the authority and the failure of the “Oslo” settlement project, in order to take possession of a political geography, even the size of the Gaza Strip. This was encouraged at the time by the recovery of the organization in neighboring Egypt, which made the calculation based on the fact that the strong organization in Egypt will have its military counterpart in the political geography on the borders, and this side will respond to the affection of the new Islamists, who look at the resistance, whatever its ideology. When an Islamist organization rises, it will be the one who collects the cards on the table, and it will become the icon of the party with all its cross-border structure.